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September 2010

Shape shifting phones..

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I found this to be a really interesting concept for haptic feedback. They just need to find a way of implementing it on a reasonable size phone. However, I’m not sure if I’d feel comfortable walking around with a phone that can change size in my pants.

How to make your own microsim

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With the new iPad and iPhone 4 using micro-sims, carriers are cashing in selling these micro-sims for an exorbitant amount. The technology is the same, just with less plastic. The micro sim is 12mmx15mm. Here’s our little experiment of cutting up a normal sim to see if it works! It does! It did take me 3 tries though. But hey..I’m not perfect.

Cut to this size..

Put in tray..

Woohoo..it works!


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Cobi’s currently looking for a new developer to join our team. I’ve been looking around the net and see that there are a couple of job posts our there of companies looking for mobile developers. What I’ve noticed about job posts is that they are full of silly requests. Some that I’ve seen so far..

– 5 years iPhone development experience (the iPhone sdk is only about 2 or 3 years old)
– Mastery of iOS API’s (these api’s change all the time)
– Expertise in device partitioning and code signing (What’s device partitioning?)
– Navigation-based and Tab-bar application development (That’s what almost every iPhone application uses)

We’ve also received a couple of CV’s. I personally think you can tell a lot from a CV just by what people include and how they include it. What I don’t like to see is matric results and random technology people use. I’ve seen some people put “internet” as a skill. I also don’t care how well you can use Microsoft Word or Excel. Some skills that I also think are irrelevant are html, xml, or any other technologies that can be picked up in 5min.

Anyway, mobile software development is a very young field, and it’s almost impossible to find and experienced mobile software developer. We’re just looking for someone with the potential and that has the passion for creating mobile applications. If that’s you, please mail us at info@cobiinteractive.com

Samsung Galaxy Tab video

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I’m a bit torn between what I think about the new Galaxy Tab. It’s a tablet that’s only a little bigger than some of the Android phones out there, but yet it seems like a more portable device than the iPad. Anyway..it looks pretty good, although there were some of the standard Android jitters in the video. Interfaces looks like a copy of the iPad, but anyway, that’s the norm in the industry now.

Symbian: Going nowhere fast?

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Research companies Gartner and IDC predict that the smartphone operating system market will remain dominated by Symbian in 2014, followed by Android in the No. 2 spot. AllAboutSymbian.com provides a summary – along with some unreasonable Symbian enthusiasm – of these predictions with some graphics relating to the future growth of the different platforms.

So, the bad good news is – that is if Gartner and IDC are correct – is that we have at least 3 uplifting years of  unobscure, well-documented, Symbian development to look forward to. I’m pumped. Not.

BlackBerry is Horrible: Reasons 2 and 3

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These two go hand in hand so thought I’d post them together:

2: BlackBerry’s almost always seem to require a restart when you update or install over an app or library. BlackBerry’s take possibly the longest of all devices to restart. As one forum poster put it: “If I have to reboot mine I go and take a nap or read War and Peace.” This makes testing on the device a wonderful experience.

3: BlackBerrys seem to have a single class loader, but no unique namespace assigned to each app. This means that you can’t have two classes of the same name loaded at once. So if two apps use the same package / class name or if you want to build seperate instances of a shared library for multiple apps…well…you can’t without the pain of refactoring. If you try to load multiple classes of the same name, the device doesn’t complain, it just seems load the first class and quietly forgets about the 2nd one. In practice this can make developing, testing and releasing apps for BlackBerry a nightmare in certain but fairly commen circumstances.

These issues were pointed out as far back as 2006 by worried developers; and now 4 years on, the problem’s still seem to exist.

Go BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Development is Horrible in So Many Ways: Part 1

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As much as BlackBerrys are reasonably sturdy devices when it comes to simple access to various communication channels (albeit doing it with the most profoundly boring interfaces ever); their weak attempts to lure developers away from iPhone and Android are extremely frustrating; as is their development environment. After developing for BlackBerry for a year now, I’ve come across one too many flaws in the BlackBerry dev environment and programs and need to vent – this could be a long series of posts…

First up is a look at their very average website – I’ve only ever had this error happen on the BlackBerry website…numerous times…and yes I have cookies enabled.