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2 Awesome iPhone Apps

By | Cool Apps | One Comment

I havn’t downloaded any really good apps lately, but recently I’ve come across 2 gems. The first I think you’ve must’ve seen, which is the Marvel App. This app is similar to the iPad version except it doesn’t allow you to see the whole page. It shows each comic block and moves between them. In some comic blocks, they show portions of text and zoom out and in. It actually adds some motion to otherwise static comics. You should definitely download it if you a comic book fan. They have a number of free comics that you can download and many to purchase.

The other app that has recently been approved is Opera. Their app had been in review for over 2 weeks and to everyone’s surprise, it actually got accepted. It does offer much of the lacking features found in safari. They add proper tab browsing where the tabs that arn’t in focus continue to load. Pages are optimised so downloading of a page is quicker. It has a text search as well. Still no flash support unfortunately, but I think I’ll be using Opera instead of Safari from now on.