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Mario Kart

Mii: Laura

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Name: Laura Kritzinger
Nickname: Leia
Likes: Gadgets…kitchen gadgets..
Dislikes: Steve’s MK noises
Speciality (what we go to Laura for): All the little things that make Cobi run smoothly
MK signature move: Feeds us real life power ups to create more energetic MK games


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And for our next Mii..

Name: Stephen Asherson
Nickname: Jobs
Likes: Coffee and bananas
Dislikes: Nokia and Symbian
Speciality (what we go to Steve for): Network security and technical info.
MK signature move: First item is always a giant mushroom and goes on a rampage.


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So if you’ve read my previous blog posts, you would know that we have a wall of Mii’s in our office. First Mii on the wall is Steve.

Name: Steve Preston
Nickname: Ballmer
Likes: Chicken burgers
Dislikes: Curry smells
Speciality (what we go to Steve for): CSS help
MK signature move: Attain 3 red shells, wait for opponent to pass, shoot, wait for opponent to recover, shoot again, and again.

Mario Kart 3DS and Wii U!!!

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So some exciting announcements from Nintendo today at the E3 conference. Mario Kart 3DS and Wii U. We knew Mario Kart was coming, still not much details on it, but looks like it will be good. The Wii U looks really cool. HD graphics and a portable device to add some extra ways to play console games. Check them out here.

Mario Kart 3DS:

Wii U:

Mario kart artifacts around the office

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Steve’s Yoshi mini infrared RC car, with turbo boost.

The banana, the most common item when you in 1st or 2nd.

The green shell. I hate it when I get hit by these.

Wired Mario RC standard kart all the way from Japan!!

Our wall of Mii’s designed by me. I will post details with a closer look of each character in future posts.

The greatest mariokart toy I’ve seen yet..

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Mariokart is a big part of Cobi. There are so many elements to game that make it interesting and fun to play without getting boring. When we’e all stressed and frustrated with work, we usually turn to a game of Mariokart as a pick-me-up. I’ve just come across what I think is the perfect addition for our new office. If anyone is in Japan and cares about us, please get us one!!

Takara Tomy new 2011 ChronoQ Mario Kart Toys from SpacePigTV on Vimeo.

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