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The Padfone

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Asus has announced it’s Padfone. It’s a mobile phone with a “pad” you can plug in into if you want something with a bigger screen. It’s concept is similar to that of Motorola’s Atrix. I like the ideas, but I would prefer something wireless. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just buy a generic tablet or netbook that you could connect any phone to rather than a specific phone. I guess that would be the next step and a little closer to moving to the cloud.

Symbian: Going nowhere fast?

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Research companies Gartner and IDC predict that the smartphone operating system market will remain dominated by Symbian in 2014, followed by Android in the No. 2 spot. AllAboutSymbian.com provides a summary – along with some unreasonable Symbian enthusiasm – of these predictions with some graphics relating to the future growth of the different platforms.

So, the bad good news is – that is if Gartner and IDC are correct – is that we have at least 3 uplifting years of ¬†unobscure, well-documented, Symbian development to look forward to. I’m pumped. Not.