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Finally..how to install J2ME on Eclipse on a Mac..

By April 21, 2010Uncategorized

I’ve been programming in J2ME for a while, and getting it to work was never a simple task. It was also a mission to get it to work on a mac, and the non standard sun emulators were terrible. I’ve recently started a J2ME project again, and trying to stay all OSX, I was thrilled to find that there was a Java ME SDK 3.0 which worked on a mac. I installed it and it just worked. That’s all good and stuff..but the IDE is terrible and was looking for a way to get it to work in eclipse. I got it to work with little effort. Here’s how.

I assume you have the J2SE SDK and Eclipse already installed.

  • Download the Java ME SDK 3.0 for Mac. Install
  • Right click on the .app file of java ME SDK 3.0 and select “Show Package Contents”
  • Copy the Contents folder to a directory you wish to keep the J2ME WTK. I copied it in my Macintosh HD.
  • Rename the Contents folder to something relevant. I renamed it WTK3.
  • In Eclipse, goto Help->Install New Software.
  • Click Add and add MTJ with location http://download.eclipse.org/dsdp/mtj/updates/1.0.1/stable/
  • Select the Mobile Tools for Java, and click Finish to install.
  • Once installed, check your preferences. You should now have a Java ME preference section.
  • Select Java ME.
  • Set you WTK Root directory by browsing to find your javamesdk folder in your new WTK folder. In my case /WTK3/Resources/javamesdk.
  • Select Device Management. Select Import.
  • Choose your WTK3 directory and click finish. This will search the whole directory of any device profiles. You should now have a list of devices in your Device Management list.
  • Download Antenna and Proguard and set the directories in the Java ME preferences.
  • Done.

    My instructions are a bit rough, but hope it helps.

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