Last release: April 2018


The eNCA mobile app delivers the latest in news, politics, sport, weather and business. Featuring up-to-the-minute alerts, videos, photo galleries and in-depth analysis produced by South Africa’s leading independent news network, the eNCA app will keep you informed and engaged in the stories shaping South Africa, Africa and the world. Use the News Stream to watch breaking news, or explore the extensive video section for exclusive online content. You can also catch up on anything you may have missed on eNCA TV.


  • iOS and Android apps for phone and tablet
  • Rendering of rich content, including social media
  • Video integration
  • Ad platform integration
  • Strong requirement for analytics and usage trends


  • Android, IOS
  • >500k installs for Android
  • 4.2 star rating on Google Play
  • Cobi’s last release: April, 2018