Last release: March 2018


Cobi is working with Dr William Mapham to develop the Vula Mobile medical referral and chat app. The app was designed to help rural healthcare workers connect with specialist centres quickly and efficiently. The aim is to strengthen the referral networks that already exist, to save everyone time, and to help ensure that patients get the right care when they need it.


  • iOS and Android phone apps
  • CMS back-end, including an Admin Dashboard
  • The app targets non-technical community of users, using low-end devices, often with poor connectivity. 
  • The app needs to operate offline and capture data for later submission.
  • Supports dynamic form engine which allows administrators to create custom referral forms. These forms can then be populated by users and submitted to the server.
  • Multiple photographs can be captured and associated with the patient record
  • A built-in chat feature allows users to discuss a referral in real-time.


  • 1 300 patients referred
  • 2 384 practitioners registered on the system
  • 418 medical institutions
  • 10 specialisations
  • >1k installs for Android
  • 4.5 star rating on Google Play
  • Cobi’s last release: March 2018