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Finally..how to install J2ME on Eclipse on a Mac..

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I’ve been programming in J2ME for a while, and getting it to work was never a simple task. It was also a mission to get it to work on a mac, and the non standard sun emulators were terrible. I’ve recently started a J2ME project again, and trying to stay all OSX, I was thrilled to find that there was a Java ME SDK 3.0 which worked on a mac. I installed it and it just worked. That’s all good and stuff..but the IDE is terrible and was looking for a way to get it to work in eclipse. I got it to work with little effort. Here’s how.

I assume you have the J2SE SDK and Eclipse already installed.

  • Download the Java ME SDK 3.0 for Mac. Install
  • Right click on the .app file of java ME SDK 3.0 and select “Show Package Contents”
  • Copy the Contents folder to a directory you wish to keep the J2ME WTK. I copied it in my Macintosh HD.
  • Rename the Contents folder to something relevant. I renamed it WTK3.
  • In Eclipse, goto Help->Install New Software.
  • Click Add and add MTJ with location http://download.eclipse.org/dsdp/mtj/updates/1.0.1/stable/
  • Select the Mobile Tools for Java, and click Finish to install.
  • Once installed, check your preferences. You should now have a Java ME preference section.
  • Select Java ME.
  • Set you WTK Root directory by browsing to find your javamesdk folder in your new WTK folder. In my case /WTK3/Resources/javamesdk.
  • Select Device Management. Select Import.
  • Choose your WTK3 directory and click finish. This will search the whole directory of any device profiles. You should now have a list of devices in your Device Management list.
  • Download Antenna and Proguard and set the directories in the Java ME preferences.
  • Done.

    My instructions are a bit rough, but hope it helps.

    BlackBerry releases a range of improved mobile application development tools

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    Although it happened last week already, I’ve been busy on some other platforms and so only came across the updated BlackBerry developer tools release today since its time for me to start on a couple of our BlackBerry projects.

    The improvements focus on their Web and Java tools and the one that really caught my eye was the updated release of the Eclipse plugin – previous versions of the plugin had some pretty annoying limitations (debugging on the device was a pain, simulator restarted on each application reload), many of which BlackBerry indicate have now been resolved.

    This is certainly a step in the right direction in BlackBerry’s fight to gain developers and a greater share of the mobile app market, although I still maintain that their development environment and documentation (I admit this is thorough but quite hard to navigate through) is a few steps behind some of the other big guns. Although a Mac version of the plugin and restructuring that partner programme would go a long way in winning my vote…