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Mii: Laura

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Name: Laura Kritzinger
Nickname: Leia
Likes: Gadgets…kitchen gadgets..
Dislikes: Steve’s MK noises
Speciality (what we go to Laura for): All the little things that make Cobi run smoothly
MK signature move: Feeds us real life power ups to create more energetic MK games


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And for our next Mii..

Name: Stephen Asherson
Nickname: Jobs
Likes: Coffee and bananas
Dislikes: Nokia and Symbian
Speciality (what we go to Steve for): Network security and technical info.
MK signature move: First item is always a giant mushroom and goes on a rampage.


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So if you’ve read my previous blog posts, you would know that we have a wall of Mii’s in our office. First Mii on the wall is Steve.

Name: Steve Preston
Nickname: Ballmer
Likes: Chicken burgers
Dislikes: Curry smells
Speciality (what we go to Steve for): CSS help
MK signature move: Attain 3 red shells, wait for opponent to pass, shoot, wait for opponent to recover, shoot again, and again.