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Mobile Developer’s Guide To The Galaxy

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Although I’m mainly on the Java dev side at Cobi, I’m always interested in reading about various cross-platform solutions.

Yesterday I stumbled across a very nicely built, but simple, payments app – bill payments in South Africa – called POCiT. What I found interesting about this app, is that it is written using the J2ME Polish platform (Enough Software), and it has come a long way since I last checked it out. And I really liked the speed of the app compared to PhoneGap apps which can be really slow. I’ll try to write more on Polish at a later date.

But the reason for this post is that I found a great introduction to development on mobile platforms on the site. They call it the Mobile Developer’s Guide To The Galaxy and I recommend anyone interested in the field to download and read it. It gives a brief overview of all mobile platforms & how to develop for them; introduces many of the cross-platform development kits & also gives a rundown on mobile web apps. All in all, it is what it says it is – the guide to our galaxy.

BlackBerry releases a range of improved mobile application development tools

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Although it happened last week already, I’ve been busy on some other platforms and so only came across the updated BlackBerry developer tools release today since its time for me to start on a couple of our BlackBerry projects.

The improvements focus on their Web and Java tools and the one that really caught my eye was the updated release of the Eclipse plugin – previous versions of the plugin had some pretty annoying limitations (debugging on the device was a pain, simulator restarted on each application reload), many of which BlackBerry indicate have now been resolved.

This is certainly a step in the right direction in BlackBerry’s fight to gain developers and a greater share of the mobile app market, although I still maintain that their development environment and documentation (I admit this is thorough but quite hard to navigate through) is a few steps behind some of the other big guns. Although a Mac version of the plugin and restructuring that partner programme would go a long way in winning my vote…