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Office dilemma

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So we’ve sorted out our work area, and we have limited space to act as an area for meetings, chilling and eating. These are the 3 options we’re thinking about. Do we need a table with chairs? How formal area do we need for meetings? Some of us want to eat at a table. I don’t mind eating on a couch. What would you do? Been trying out my hand at google sketchup, it’s pretty cool, this is my attempt on trying to visualise our options.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Cobi’s new headquarters

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Cobi’s about 18 months old now, and after gaining a few new employees, things were getting a bit cramped in our snug little flat. We thought it was about time we got a real place to grow with us. Here are a couple of pics.

We’re surrounded by some more professional sounding companies.

Frosting on our door to avoid strange stares when our neighbours walk by..

We couldn’t leave home without our Wii…

Our office space..

My work area..